Marketing Is The Best Competitive Advantage Essay

1402 Words Sep 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Marketing is the tool companies use to create profitable, life-long customers. More goes into marketing than most people realize. Taking a deeper look into the true depth of marketing offers helpful tools companies can use to create a competitive advantage, choose the best marketing concept and avoid potential problems in service.
Expedia and companies like it have one of the greatest competitive advantages in the hospitality industry. Their website joins airline companies with car rental companies and hotels. This makes a world of difference in traveling because everything can be done in one place. One can book a flight through American Airlines and rent a car through Enterprise with only a few simple clicks. Often times Expedia offers discounts and deals to encourage customers to book through their website. This gives each company involved a competitive advantage because people are more likely to book through their service when its easy and they save money. Not only does the airline, hotel and rental company receive a portion of the sale, but Expedia receives some as well. Most of the time Expedia ads are done through the internet because that is where people go to book flights, but there is also a fair share of them on television commercials as well. This type of competitive advantage is long-term because people will always need to fly, drive or have somewhere to stay. Expedia began in 1996 and has only improved since then. More and more companies have joined each year,…

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