Essay on Marketing Is A Fundamental Principal

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In today market, marketing is a fundamental principal in any competing global or local company. Campari Group consider that Responsible Marketing and practices is an important pillar because it protects the health and safety of its Customers, provide fair marketing and clear information about it is operations. Therefore, according to its newest financial report, Group spent EUR 124.9 million on advertising and promotions during the first six months of 2015, and up from EUR 111.7 million year-over-year. The “Mediterranean” style of consumption encourages a moderate approach to drinking. While promoting a joyful experiences and celebrations Campari condemns the extreme, improper, and illegal consumption of alcoholic. The company takes the responsibility of educating families about the consequences of inappropriate drinking of alcohol. One example is 2014; the company added the pregnant women logo on its all bottles that aimed to prevent a pregnant woman from drinking alcohol. Campari is a member of twenty two institutional trades to spread the awareness of alcohol addiction and the proper use of selling its brands; different top managers of Campari hold key positions in Discuss, BSI, Abrabe. The direct communication between the alcohol and a customer is the bartenders, so Campari provided for more than 650 from 1800 people who are bartenders around the world trainings for 135 days to serve the customers responsibly. The COCC is the Code of Commercial Communications was adopted…

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