Marketing Information Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Task 2

(1)Marketing Information report


McDonalds is one of the best known brands in the world. Branding develops a character for an organisation, product or service. The brand image represents how customers view the organisation. McDonalds use many communication methods like advertisings and promotions to attract customers and give discounts as well. Moreover, McDonalds faces many competitions from other businesses such as Burger King.

Information resources:

Marketing research It is the process where organisation needs to check the consumer’s suggestion by collecting data. McDonalds is the globe largest chain of fast food restaurants and serving nearly 58 million customers
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The continued decline in the unit cost of computer hardware and balanced improvement in the flexibility and power of computer software. The purpose of marketing research is to support and improve marketing decision. Market research reduces the gap between producer and consumer, and increase the chance of successful decisions. In any field, the basis of decision making is having effective information available and using it. Processed, analyses and correctly used, market information can reduce risk, time and waste by providing the best basis for decision. From the above, data from the market through marketing research are processed and analyses to form relevant marketing information which forms intelligence (knowledge) to make quality decision focuses on key determinants. While bringing any change in the organization McDonalds check the competitor’s price to achieve goals and objectives for the organization. (McDonalds marketing intelligence system marketing …show more content…
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