Marketing in Asia Chapter Five Notes Essay

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AsiaMarketing in Asia – Understanding Buyers and Markets, Chapter 5: Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Purchase Decision Process – Purchase Decision Process

Purchase Decision Process Stages | | 1. Problem Recognition | * Perceiving a difference between a person’s ideal and actual situations big enough to trigger a decision | 2. Information Search(seeking value) | * Suggests criteria to use, yielding brand names that might meet criteria, dvping consumer value perceptions * Internal search: scan memory for previous experiences w pdts and brands * External search criteria: insufficient past exp or knowledge, high risk of making wrong purchase decision, low cost of gathering information * Primary sources: (1)
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Nissan calls car owners after they have serviced their cars at its service center to monitor customers’ satisfaction with their services * Cognitive dissonance: postpurchase psychological tension or anxiety (usually aft choosing from two or more highly attractive alternatives * Ads or follow-up calls from salespeople to comfort/reaffirm buyers that they made the right choice |
Consumer Purchase Decision Process – Influences

Type | Influence | Elaboration | Situational | Purchase task | * Reason for engaging decision in the first place | | Social surroundings | * Other people present | | Physical surroundings | * Décor, music, crowding | | Temporal effects | * Time of day, amt of time available (where/what to eat?) | | Antecedent states | * Mood, available cash | Psychological | Motivationenergising force that stimulates behavior to satisfy a need | * Consumer needs are the FOCUS of the marketing conceptHierarchy of needs: 1. Physiological (basic to survival e.g. food, water, shelter, oxygen) 2. Safety (self-preservation and physical well-being e.g. freedom from harm, financial security) 3. Social (friendship, belonging, love) 4. Personal (need for achievement, status, prestige, self-respect) 5. Self-actualisation (self-fulfillment e.g. SAF recruiting advert: “Live to be your best”) | | Personalitya person’s consistent behaviours or responses to recurring

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