Marketing Histories Essays

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Marketing Histories

Marketing is a business discipline that has originated in the USA at the turn of 20th century. The aim of this essay is to describe and follow the particular socio-economic situation in which modern marketing emerged, the various processes it underwent in order to thrive and the ways it needs to change further so it can adapt and succeed.
Marketing has ‘lived’ among us for such a long time that we cannot exactly mark its true beginning. It has been with us ever since people decided to trade; it has been with us from ancient times through the great economists of 1700-1800 and it continues to be with us, more demanding and more prominent than ever. We can say that “marketing is as old as commerce” (Meek R., Ryan A.,
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and M. Patterson; 1998). That resulted in a great need of having some proof that marketing will continue to work every time and this, on its own term, resulted in a need for marketing education. Borden, creating the marketing mix, marked the managerial turn in marketing history when describing “what is happening and why” was simply not enough anymore. Marketing was broad, flourishing and demanding and it needed to build for itself a new step to climb higher so it wouldn’t crumble to the ground. “Relatively to what had gone before, marketing management theory suggested that it was less important to study and explain how marketing functions rather than how marketing should function” (Skålén et al., 2005, cited in Meek R., Ryan A., Lenney P.; 2010). That’s why, needing to satisfy even more demanding customers, make profit and maximize it, the shift from descriptive-explanative to prescriptive form was essential. “What is happening and why” switched to “what should happen and how to make it happen”, forcing scholars into more critical thinking approach. Thus, among the many new blooming ideas, the functional school of thought was no longer needed. It had to make way for the first and crucial layers of modern marketing.
However, the need for simplification ‘knocked on the door’ a little too soon after the marketing mix came to term as it was seen as “too long and unwieldy”

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