Marketing For The Best Leads And Networking At Trade Essay

1014 Words Jun 4th, 2016 null Page
For the best leads and networking at trade shows, business owners have to focus on technology-based solutions. New applications and devices make it even easier to collect information from participants. By using the following technology-based ideas, marketers, business owners and trade show attendees can generate leads efficiently.

1. Webinars and Seminars

For businesses, webinars are one of the latest ways to connect with consumers. Videos are more likely to catch a reader 's attention than a basic article, and they are more likely to convert a lead into a paying customer. Webinars can cover new products and solutions that the client needs. For a more innovative approach, business owners can use a webinar to teach a course or a guide on something related to their company. By adding value through education, businesses make the viewer more likely to keep watching the webinar.

2. CamCard

At trade shows, it is normal to end up with hundreds of business cards. Tracking all of these business cards, inputting them in a phone and reaching out to clients require valuable time to be used. Instead of wasting time on monotonous tasks like inputting phone numbers, companies can use the CamCard app for Windows, Android and iOS devices. This app can scan and read cards in up to 16 languages. The user just takes a snapshot of the card, and the app will automatically copy the contact information and store it. Afterward, the user can add notes about the individual or set reminders for…

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