Essay Marketing For Hospitality And Tourism

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Chuck E. Cheese is a huge company in America known for children’s birthday parties. As a millennial if you did not have a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, then most likely you attended one. The company continues to be a huge success and has made many changes over the years to keep up with their target market. They are now extending that target market. Chuck E. Cheese’s CEO announced they are expanding the company into Latin American countries. There are many advantages for the company in doing this but there are a few obstacles that the marketing team needs to look out for. The Case Study in the Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism textbook lists a large number of factors they considered before making this decision. Some of the most important factors were that “the demographics of Latin America demonstrate a heavy percentage of kids” and “Latin Americans are family focused” (Kotler, Bowen, Makens, & Baloglu, 2017). Both of these facts demonstrate that the target market for the company in Latin America is going to be families with young children. This is a great target market however, there could be a few problems with it. They’ve divided the market segment up using both a demographic and psychographic strategy. This includes the age and lifestyle variable of a family with young children in which all adults are active enough to participate. I believe this could cause an issue due to the fact that Latin American families tend to have large family functions that include everyone…

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