Marketing For Chocolate Lovers Across New Zealand Essay

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As we can see from the above product positioning map, Whittaker 's is distinguishing itself from its main competitor Cadbury by offering a higher quality product at a reasonable price, adding to the perceived value consumers will get.
“For chocolate lovers across New Zealand, Whittakers provides high quality chocolate products with a trusted brand to back it. Unlike it’s competitors, Whittakers provides great value for money by combining its treasured ingredients and thorough manufacturing process with a reasonable price for consumers. Making sure the industrial process is kept solely to New Zealand gives Whittaker 's the autonomy to create a product that tailors to New Zealand’s chocolate lovers needs.”
“New Zealand is a country of chocolate lovers and they deserve affordable high quality chocolate. Whittakers puts their heart and soul into achieving this. With their imported cocoa beans and refined chocolate manufacturing technique, Whittaker 's is constantly one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to providing high value to New Zealand chocolate lovers. With the trusted Whittaker 's brand, you know your getting a high quality product.”

It is very clear to see that Whittaker’s is capitalizing on its ‘brand equity’. They have a strong core brand which holds durable recognition amongst consumers. The tactical use of the ‘Brand Extension’ and ‘Co Branding’ strategies is apparent in Whittakers marketing as they use their brand across a diverse product line. Whether…

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