Marketing Final Exam Cheat Sheet Essay

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strategies for growth: ee market penetration, ne market development, en product development,nn diversification downsizing: eliminate products/units that are not profitable/no longer fit the overall strategy prod and serv lvls of prod core cust. value > actual prod: features, design, packaging, quality, brand name > augmented prod: warranty, after-sale serv., prod support, delivery/credit prod+serv class consumer prod: convenience, shopping, specialty, unsought industrial prod: materials+parts, capital items, supplies+serv. new prod dev: idea generation> idea screening> concept dev+test>mrkting strat dev>business analysis>prod devel>test mrkting>commercialization. npd req’s a customer-centered, team-based + systematic effort. prod. life …show more content…
merchant wholesaler: value market info, sales/promotions, break bulk, warehousing, absorb risk, transportation/delivery, financing/management services limited: drop shoppers:no inventory or product handling rack jobbers: serve grocery + drug retailers broker/agent mrkting logs: inbound, outbound, reverse. maximize cust service/ minimize distrib cost. warehousing: distrib center, invent mgmt, just-in-time log sys. intermodal trans (2+), log info mgmt,integ log mgmt, 3plpricing: major $ strategy cost-based , customer value-based (setting $ based on customer perception of value) , good-value (combination of good quality/service at fair $), value-added (more features to differentiate at higher $) costs: cost-plus pricing( standard markup to cost of product), break-even pricing(break even on costs /setting price to make target return), competition-based (setting prices based on competitor’ strategies) other considerations target costing, $ in markets, organizational, $-curve, $ elasticity of demand, economy new-product pricing market-skimming (^$ for new prod to skim max. revenues, fewer, but more profitable sales) market-penetration (set low $ for new product to attract more buyers) product mix product line (set $ across entire prod line) optional-product (optional or accessory prods sold w/ main product) captive-product (products that must be used w/

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