Marketing Concept : Apple Iphone 6s Plus Review : Is It Good For Business?

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To begin with, marketing concept focuses on the needs and wants of target markets while delivering value significantly better than other competitors. With the marketing concepts, this helps businesses grow stronger in such a way that their customers would prefer their brand over every other competitor in the field. The strategy that is most known for marketing is considered the pull strategy. Throughout this paper, I will focus on the production, product, selling, and marketing concept on the article Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review: Is it Good for Business?
Production Concept
With production concept customer prefer products that are easily available anywhere for a low price. Apple iPhones 6s Plus are sold in many stores like; AT&T, Sprint, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. They are even available internationally. iPhone 6s Plus prices are expensive but they are concentrated on the product quality, design and features which means these things attract large numbers of customers to obtain the product at the best price. In most phone stores like AT&T, which try to make the iPhone 6s Plus more affordable offer monthly payment plans. So, say you purchase a 16GB on the entry-level 6s Plus model, which will run you $749 ($31.24/month).
Product Concept
The product concept believes that the customer will be loyal to products that offer the most quality, performance, or innovative features. In the article I chose, which talks about iPhone 6s Plus, Apple has a superior product that has been improved…

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