Marketing Communication Essay

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MA Marketing Communications
Module 4MMC7A7
Managing Marketing Communication
Kliatchko (2008) argue that, “the rise of digital technology means that content creation is no longer exclusive to media firms and marketers.”

IMC Overview----------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Digital Technology Means That Content Creation Is No Longer Exclusive To Media Firms and Marketers---------------------------------------------------------6 Convergence as Glue---------------------------------------------------------------6 The
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Integrated Marketing Communications Overview
Different divisions like direct mail, sales, and advertising can operate concurrently via data integration (Cameron, 2005). This calls for a marketing information structure, which gathers and shares the pertinent information across different corporate divisions. Vertical Integration basically denotes that communications and marketing purposes have to be formed in such a way that they support the higher level commercial goals and objectives. Internal Integration, on the other hand, calls for all the staff to be kept informed and inspired about new advancements. In a telecom service provider, these could mean new corporate identities, new advertisements, new strategic partners or even new service standards (Schultz and Schultz, 2003). External integration calls for external allies like PR agencies and advertising to work collaboratively in order to avail an integrated and cohesive message. The main principles of integrated marketing communications comprise: • Consistency: A major topic in integrated marketing is consistency. It basically speaks to delivering an identical message about a brand or service across all elements of the media. This is a function that can assist a telecom service provider to create a brand identity that is both effective as well as impressive. For example, a corporation with a high-quality brand has to ensure that its message to different media outlets

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