Marketing Communication Strategy For Advertising Essay

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1.1. Marketing communication strategy
Highly investing in advertisements: In 2013, Vinamilk spent approximately VND 885 billion (~US$ 41.5 million, Bloomberg, 2014) for advertisements, and the amount was also predicted to exceed VND 1000 billion (~US$ 46.9 million, Bloomberg, 2014) in 2014. According recent 46 statistics in the first half of 2014, the expenses for advertisements of Vinamilk is about VND 462 billion (~US$ 21.7 million, Bloomberg, 2014) and occupies one-fourth in total cost of sales (Khang, 2014).
Advertising: Vinamilk concentrates on new products by the advertising on TV, Internet by the creation of images, sounds,to be attracted the attention and interest of tracking from a huge number of viewers, especially children object such as Ads of Vinamilk UTH Milk are many people’s favorite and attract the most views ever is advertising in 2012 – “Glasses, padded shoes”.
Publish communication: Throught out the public activities, the reputation of Vinamilk is becoming more popular. For instance, by focusing on the action that brings sustainable values to the society and community, the Vinamilk has been known by most people and gains high truthfully:
• The Scholarship Fund “Vinamilk - Nurturing Vietnamese young talent”: the Fund is covering 63 provinces and cities across the country compared to only 30 ones in the first days. The Fund has totally given more than 34 000 scholarship to elementary school pupils who have excellent results and desire for covercoming…

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