Marketing Caselet Essay

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Chapter 1: Marketing an Introduction
Inquirer is the leading broadsheet in the Philippines. In 2001, it launched Libre, a free tabloid distributed in the MRT-LRT area. It was an unprecedented move of a major daily giving away their newspaper on weekdays and recovering cost solely from advertising revenue. Visit the MRT-LRT site and discuss and explain your answers to the following:

a. What was the underserved and unserved market Inquirer was trying to tap?
b. How strategic is the underserved and unserved market to them?
c. What are the other key activity changes of the Libre system vs. the traditional Inquirer system?

Chapter 2: Market Segmentation
Victoria Court Drive-in Hotel and Restaurant is a chain of full-service motels catering
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a. Do consumers have the same or different dine-in behavior during lunch and dinner?
b. If not the same, identify the difference.
c. What would you recommend to the fast food companies in order to improve their dinner sales and seat capacity usage?

Chapter 4: Product Strategy: Branding
Starbucks is a popular hangout for Gen X and Yuppies. Despite selling coffee and other baked products at higher prices than regular food stores, they were able to generate awareness and patronage thru word of mouth and publicity instead of relying on media advertising.
In 2010, Starbucks in the USA tested then “Roy’s Street Coffee and Tea by Starbucks Corporation”, an innovative neighborhood coffee house that sells coffee, wine and beer, together with organic pastries, gourmet cheese and meat plates. This was an attempt to recapture the upscale market which they lost when it went mainstream with cheaper lattes and frappuccinos that are now by Starbucks is the 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea. Both stores are located in Seattle which is the headquarters of Starbucks.
a. Where do you think Starbucks Corporation got the insight to offer these products under two newly branded stores and not in their regular Starbucks?
b. If the “Roy’s Street” and “15th Avenue” coffee shops succeed, what is the implication to the Starbucks brand and its over 16,000 stores worldwide, including the Philippines?

Chapter 4: Product Strategy: Managing Product Lines

During the 2010 annual

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