Essay about Marketing Case Study on Starbucks Coffee

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MKT 421 - Marketing (Plan) Mgmt Student: GalVal

Instructor: Mr Tom Wall Section #: _25___

Assignment #2: Actual Case Study - Starbucks Coffee

1. The main or primary product that Starbuck's sells or distributes is coffee beverages but, according to this article or company analysis, it also now offers a whole line of complementary products - from sandwiches to CD's! Yet essentially, Starbucks product was the de- velopment of the ultimate, out of home (OOH) coffee-drinking experience; also referred to as the "third place" which the com- pany's chairman, Howard Schultz, defined as a spot between home and work where people are able to go for some personal "down- time" or just to relax and get
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6. The advantages of the Starbucks Card to the company and its customers were given in this study as follows, even though am not sure these still apply today:

• it is/was reloadable, had a stored value that could be used at just about any Starbucks store or counter;

• it could be reloaded with the necessary funds either through the corporate website or any Starbucks retail location.

• it was hugely successful back in '08 when there were 27 million + of these cards in use and over $400 million in sales during the first quarter of that same year.

• due to the initial "smashing success," Starbucks decided to launch the prepaid card internationally, starting with major rollouts in Greece & Japan.
7. As far as overall recommendations or strategies that I would have or make to improve Starbucks' competitive position in the current cluttered coffee drinking segment would be to do all or some of the following:

• possibly take a look at (that is, do more market research!) some other products or services that their competitors have sold that appear to be "hot" or in great demand at this point in time.

• take a look at (that is, do even more market research!) some other products or services that their competitors have NOT sold that appear to be "hot" or for which a

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