Scion Case Study Essay

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Case Study Three Scion Almost everybody in this area has a car in order to get around. When people go to buy a car there are hundreds of options to pick from. Because of this, car companies depend heavily on advertisements to persuade people to choose a car from their company. The car company must decide what target audience would be interested in the vehicle. Then, what needs does this target audience want their car to meet. The goal then is for the advertisement to portray a situation that meets the audience’s needs, compelling them to consider buying that car. Take for instance the commercial for Scion that stars James Franco. A link will be provided at the end, but I’ll give a brief description. The shot opens with a car, the first words used are, “hey look, its Hollywood actor James Franco.” This is used as an immediate way to draw the audience’s attention. It continues on by showing the two different personality …show more content…
If people have their basic needs like food and a home met, a big purchase might be a car. The next question would be is the car safe? This ad is saying absolutely. At one point the ad says “standard features that actually come standard.” The statement is saying that the Scion has everything the person needs and these functions will actually be delivered, unlike some competitors. The social and self-esteem needs could also be hit here based on the persuasion that the car is of good quality, make, and power level, so that if you were to drive it down the street you would be respected. The Scion ad also does some reasoning by analogy or comparison. When we see the hip James Franco and the Classy James Franco next to each other with the split screen, we compare two different personality types. Many companies might focus on one or the other, but the Scion is saying that they can fit with both. They are comparing two things and showing that the Scion is right regardless of the

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