Marketing Case Study: Elsève Multivitamines

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Register to read the introduction… Elsève Multivitamines used a silicone-based formula that tested better than the composition of Procter &Gamble’s silicone-based Pantene which at the time was the European market leader. Launching Elsève Multivitamines enabled Elsève to increase its target segments, addressing not only consumers with damaged hair or other hair care problems bur also people with normal hair. The new formula was the milestone of L’oreal’s shampoo battle. The innovation of research brought a series of good results: increase of sales and so did prices. The high revenue made it possible to increase the advertising budget, further increased its market share. Since then, with the leading position of the new skills and constant development as well as successful implementation of marketing strategy, L’oreal went steadily towards its No 1 …show more content…
Its products cover all possible segments. The aim of L’oreal is to “seeks to make accessible to women and men all over the world”. L’oreal is able to make its most advanced technologies available to a large number of people in all areas of products. All the Group’s brands , particularly those whose purpose is to provide a wider group of people with the most innovative products at affordable prices, make the latest discoveries more accessible. It can be said that L’oreal has managed to satisfy the desire of different segments of buyers. All these strength made it quite difficult to be substituted, at least provide the delay of being substituted. L’oreal is adept at continuously bringing innovation to the marketplace and maximizing the use of established brand names with new products targetd at these subsegments and niches. The advanced research result make many promising question marks become stars. Based on the solid financial resources, the stars will become cash cows as their markers mature. So many stars and cash cows of L’oreal shine actively in the world. Every product’s advantage is temporary, and will be eroded. However, long-term advantage of L’oreal maybe sustained through a series of temporary

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