Marketing Case 3: E-Business At Evo

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Register to read the introduction… For the sports listed above, most people need an expert’s advice on buying equipment and it can become quite costly. However, Evogear conquers this issue by creating an online community of like-minded people that offer reviews and commentaries regarding Evo’s products. This is certainly value added for the customer while not adding any significant costs for Evogear. Evogear is an innovative company, not only are they a part of the new technologically oriented e-business group, but they also provide insight into their company unlike most others. Evogear’s “About Us” page offers customers the chance to “meet” customer service people, or even the founder himself. Evogear’s About Us page includes not only the company’s mission and values, but also personal pages and video clips of each and every Evogear employee. This simple property of the company’s website helps create a …show more content…
Evo offers their products in an easy to view, easy to shop and compare environment. Evo makes it easy to find what you need and make sure it’s exactly what you need. Their business model makes sure that if you don’t receive exactly what you want or need, that you can return it, whether it’s simply buyer’s remorse, or a defective product. Evo’s distribution center jumps on new orders with excellent efficiency; once a new order is placed, the order is typically shipped within a day or two. If you don’t need the order in a hurry, Evo will even ship your purchase for free via ground delivery. This is just one of many factors that Evo has implemented to increase value for the

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