Marketing Campaign : Walmart 's Target Audience Essay

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A marketing campaign I believe to be successful is for the company Walmart. The company’s main mission in their marketing message is to save people money, which they can live better lives. Walmart is also able to convey low prices by always finding ideas to increase efficiency and cut waste out of the system and pass savings on to its customers (Walmart Launches National Advertising Campaign to Show “The Real Walmart”). Walmart’s business approach explains how Walmart delivers low prices for its consumers. The company’s low prices start with one of the world’s most advanced supply networks, including an incredibly efficient trucking fleet. The company has increased its fleet efficiency by 80 percent (Walmart Launches National Advertising Campaign to Show “The Real Walmart”), since 2005.
Walmart’s target audience is consumers, which represent the vivid diversity of America today. These consumers are economically and ethnically diverse, coming from all different paths of life and have every occupation and significance conceivable. In addition, of Walmart has an everlasting approach of working exactly with manufacturers to terminate markups and generating affordable, high quality goods and food to the consumers daily, the company also, collaborate with several local farmers in every region of the world.
Therefore, the media, Walmart used to project this marketing campaign was showcasing the “real” Walmart consumer as they are able to invest in themselves and their families…

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