Essay on Marketing Branding On Sales Revenue Of Unilever

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This paper investigates short-run and long-run impact of product branding on sales revenues of Unilever (Ghana) Limited. The paper focused on Unilever (Ghana) Limited because it is one of the distribution companies listed on Ghana Stock Exchange with more strategic focus on product branding. Time series regression was used to investigate the impacts of product branding on sales revenue and data covered 1984-2014 financial years. The paper adopted VECM for impact estimation. The results indicate that product branding has long-run positive impact on sales revenue but did not have significant short-run impact on sales revenue. The paper recommends a continuous product branding to ensure sustainable growth in sales volumes and higher profits.

Keywords Product Branding. Sales Revenue

1 Introduction
In the increasing monopolistic competitive business environment, consumers have more information on products, access to more products, creating more product alternative choices and as a result have higher expectations than ever. The end result of this for marketers and firms is to create more product differentiation to avoid their products being seen as commodities. To cope with this increasing demand, firms and marketers have intensified the branding of their products to be unique from their competitors (Mitchell et al, 2001). One of the strategies is product branding. Product branding involves the process of creating unique name and image for a product in the minds of…

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