Marketing At Texas A & M University Essay

710 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
As a freshman attending the Mays Business school at Texas A&M University I’ve learned so much about society, love, relationships, but also global issues and how they effect my peers as well as myself. Mays Business students majoring in marketing, management, management information system (MIS), and finance can make an impact and possible reduce the issue or even solve it completely. Marketing is a major known for advertising, allowing the company to get their name across and build a good reputation to boost business. The marketing major also allows students to reach out to creativity. In my project, my group and I explained hot marketing helps the company utilize itself to others fro a positive image. Most importantly, CSR want the companies to carry the image of benefiting others and become involved with the community. For example, becoming aware of your audience, pleasing them and feeding them the products and information they seek. As for Nigeria, the oil companies were feeding the communities false advertising by claiming they were not in charge of oil spills, or any harms done to their environment. However, my group and I decided to establish ethical values so each company meets standards and build the reputation back up. A marketing degree offers jobs such as, marketing manager, marketing specialists, public relation specialists, and more. Following marketing, Management is another major in which benefits the issues. Management is in charge of making sure the…

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