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Contents 1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix 2 1.1 Current Product 2 1.2 Current Pricing 3 1.3 Current Distribution 4 1.4 Current Promotion 5 2.0 Segmentation Theory 5 2.1 Define and Explain Segmentation 6 2.2 Benefits of using Segmentation 6 3.0 Target market Segmentation 7 3.1 Geographic Segmentation 7 3.2 Demographic Segmentation 7 3.3 Physiographic Segmentation 8 3.4Behavioural Segmentation 8 4.0 Target Market Collage 9 5.0 Completion of Discussion/Rationale of the Target Market Collage 10 6.0 Reference List 10

1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix
1.1 Current Product The colour therapy product is enriched
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Thus, the color therapy offers immediate restoring of the natural hair color also, so that the users can report to their office with their normal and natural hair color as well when the weekend celebrations are over. Since the product comes in various makes, they are often spotted easily and the customer starts to read whether the product is a shampoo or a conditioner. All the products offered are more or less similar in appearance and are also giving a same appearance as all of them have common size more or less and have the same colour (Friedman 2006).
1.2 Current Pricing

Not too long ago the products such as the one discussed in this report- Pantene color therapy was sold only in beauty salons and the manufacturers were keen on delivering the products of this nature only to the salons and the end customers would buy from them. Also, the company would have to provide these salons with a special price that was in lines with the prices of the competitors. They were supposed to match up the price with that of the competitors and use aggressive marketing techniques so that their product is bought in bulk. It is interesting to note that the customer who walks in a salon does not know what product is being applied to their hair unless they happen to ask the barber about it. There

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