Marketing and Zara Essay

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Case study: Analyzing marketing concept of Zara Company


Zara brand is an attractive case study for many fashion brands around the world for understanding Zara’s business model and their wining factors. One of the Zara’s strategies that make difference between Zara and other competitors is policy of zero advertising. The company tries to invest their capital in opening new branches. As result of this policy Zara is known as fashion imitator trade group and low price fashion products. The range of Zara’s products is wide such as: men\women’s clothing, Zara kids, and shoes, lower and upper garment in various sizes. Designing of Zara’s products are made 50% in Spain, 24% in African and Asian and 26% in the rest of
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The firm’s external attribute can be grouped as opportunity and threats.(Internet Center for Management and Business Administration, 2010)
Decision should be focus on products advantages and the way that they will be leveraged. Product decision should consist:
Name of brand - Quality - Product line scope
Packaging - Warranty. (Kotler, P 2008)
It relates to pricing strategy, expected size and making decision about following cost variables: price list discounts payment terms and conditions leasing alternatives bundling (Kotler, P 2008)
Place: Considers to the means by which the company’s customer obtains the product. This contains the definite place it is purchased and the actual way of distribution. (Kotler, P 2008)
Promotional programs
Results of promotional program’s
Funds, establish breakeven point for any extra spending
Community relations
Sales promotion
Positioning: refers to performing different activities than competitors or the same activities in a dissimilar manner. . (Kotler, P 2008)
Sustainability: Sustainable Marketing is a developing attitude that encourages authenticity, society, and liability. These are now the serious success issues in the existing marketing environment. (Kotler, P

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