Marketing And Strategic Communications Will Benefit My Chosen Career Path

791 Words Jan 12th, 2016 4 Pages
As I progress towards graduation from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in April, I know that commerce, specifically marketing and strategic communications will benefit my chosen career path. I will have graduated from Nipissing with a minor in marketing, which will aid in my pursuit to begin a career as an illustrator, and eventually, advertising art director. The content in this course provided an extensive introduction into the complexities of business and the strategies implemented in order to be successful and efficient. I found the information in this course to be very useful. Briefly focusing on each area of commerce and applying it to the actuality of the business environment enhanced the realization of professional expectation in relation to personal ability. With a minor in marketing, I am required to take a variety of business courses that are focused on marketing and communications. Without the content of this course, areas such as management and employee motivation, finance, or economics, would be foreign concepts and would prevent future business competence. The primary content that will benefit me in my career pursuits will be the marketing and communications, as well as the management chapters. Art direction, in terms of advertising, requires effective communication skills, pronounced creative ability, proper management technique, and proficient work ethic. The marketing and communications chapters will undoubtedly enhance my overall retention of prior…

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