Marketing And Social Science Theory Essay

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Marketing to children can be seen in many different perspectives. Therefore, a control theoriest can look and deal with marketing to children. Accoridng to Tepperamn, Albanese and Curtis (2014) control theory likes to deal with people who have displayed deviant behaviour (p.99). Marketing relates to devious behaviour because it is impacting young children negatively. There are a lot of negative affects to advertising, however, the campanies which are targeting children continue to encourage negative thoughts and actions. Additionally, “ these activites can be the most exeditious ways of getting what they want” (Tepperman, Albanese, & Curtis, 2014, p. 99) , therefore control theory is related to advertising because the marketing of products are geared towards children. Another social science theory which marketing to children can relate to is symbolic interactionism. Symbolic interactionism is “a theory that is a form of microsociology because it focuses attention on the smallest unit of society- individual people and their interaction” (Tepperman, Albanese, & Curtis, 2014, p. 16). The connection between marketing to children and symbolic interactionism is that advertising campaigns target young children which is causing parents to be unhappy with advertisements. Therefore, parents see marketing as a social problem and want to see a positive change.

POSITIVE CHANGE Considering marketing to children has many negative effects. Certain members of society would like to see…

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