Marketing and Sales Strategy Essay example

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1.3 Analyse the role of sales team within marketing strategy of an organization of your choice: Sales team of an organization play a significant role within marketing strategy of this company. A salesperson’s primary objective is to sell, though there are many skills involved and their duties can be quite diverse depending on things like the size of outlet they are involved with. Researchers show that across a range of industries, there is a direct and consistent correlation between the caliber of the sales force and organizational growth.

In the volume of this task, I’ll take Yves Rocher Company which is a company that is famous for the sales team and advertisement as an example to analyze the role of sales team within
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It is essential for a salesperson to show the characteristics of these products and benefit when buying these products for customer.

For instance, if a customer wants to buy lipstick, a salesperson must quickly gauge the colour of customer’s lip and consider her skin tone. Then salesperson should tell customer that base on her skin characteristic, she should choose what colour. For skin with pinkish tones, choose cool-toned colour and if the skin is more yellow-toned, warm colours work best!


It is believed that this part of sales forces of Yves rocher need to pay attention their appearance and performance. The sales team of Yves Rocher always wears company’s uniform. The uniform shows the profession in working style and selling style.

Besides, the equally important duty of order getters in Yves Rocher is to keep contact with customers and maintain a long relationship with them in order to persuade them to buy more products. During the communicate process, salespeople of Yves Rocher will support for the marketing strategy because they introduced a lot about the products, the brand when persuading customers. In fact, the service care of Yves Rocher lays the top group estimating the level of customer service among companies. Because Yves Rocher knows that the order getting sales contribute quite significantly to the

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