Essay on Marketing and Qantas

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Introduction 3 Marketing Audit, Planning and New Strategy 4 SWOT Analysis 5 Qantas Macro Environment 6 Qantas - Micro Environment 7 Marketing Research and Intelligence 8 Market Segmentation 8 Market Positioning 9 Buyer Behavior 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Author Biography 12

IntroductionQantas is recognized as the world's leading long distance airways, established in Queensland in 1920, being the second oldest airlines of the world. Today, the airways provide flight services across a network of 182 destinations in 44 countries covering
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| Environment (Natural) | Qantas as other airline industry is often under pressure to seek ways of decreasing contribution to global warming and noise pollution. Example: The new A380 is a cleaner and greener aircraft compared to the Boeing 747 on a per-seat basis. | Socio-Cultural | Qantas’s global presence requires sensitivity to customer socio-cultural norms and values (serving Halal food, proper seating selection, editing of displayed films during flights,..). | Technological | Qantas was quick to adapt the e-business strategies IT & telecomm technology have improved efficiency and business operations | Demography | Qantas studied human populations in terms of size, density, location, age, sex, race, occupation and served them thru different flight plans. |
Qantas - Micro EnvironmentIncludes the actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management stability to build and maintain successful relationships

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