Essay on Marketing And Misogyny : Are Big Companies Gone Too Far?

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Marketing and Misogyny
Have Big Companies Gone Too Far? A lady’s mouth is agape; held in front of her is a big, burning elongated burger, ripe with juicy sauces, grilled meat, and enough girth to prevent the poor woman from actually enjoying her meal. The Super Seven Incher, Burger King’s special in 2009, aims to “blow your mind away”(BK Ad) with its $6.25 value meal capitalizing on the need for bigger, longer bursts of frothy satisfaction, but is the use of sexually captivating images as a marketing tool worth the degradation of modern class and egalitarian progress? While some might attest that the ends justify the means, degrading the image of women is too far down the rabbit hole to utilize in advertising. The Burger King advertisement for its Super Seven Incher was, according to a statement by the fast food company, “created by an independent franchise in Singapore in conjunction with a local promotional offer” (Fox News) and was “not released in any other markets” (Fox News). Meaning that despite the small scale of its initiation into business from the country of Singapore, the advertisement’s infamy exploded into the gaze of society, gushing out its asininity in order to gather popularity for the Super Seven Incher sandwich. Criticism upon the advertisement and its audacity was very well spread out, due to its being “tasteless” (Fox News). In a society where video games and media heavily feature blood, gore, violence, and jaywalking, it’s anything of a lewd…

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