Marketing And Marketing Strategy Of Customer Service Auto Works

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Our base model (SAMs 1000) will start at $7,000 while our SAMx series will start at $11,000 and can go up to $16,000 with customization. The finishes and upgrades the customer chooses in the customization process will determine the final price. The value of our special offers of yearly vehicles will be newly defined with every release. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to enter our “Renew Program” when upgrading/trading-in one of their SAM vehicles. Here, we will provide individual price estimates, which will allow them to decrease their starting price on a newer model. This program will ensure that our customer-base returns and will always be given the best price.

Auto Works will use a direct-to-consumer
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All advertising activities will be administered by the management team and will be set to focus on promoting the company the name and focus of attaining a high level of customer satisfaction which differentiate Auto Works from all other competitors. We will use array of marketing channels that work best with maintaining financial stability, after review of the highest marketing channels.
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will be providing world class customer service compared to any other auto manufacture. Our goal is to not only to have the highest quality product, but to back it up with an unprecedented warranty. With technology that is first of its kind it is important that we show our full confidence behind the product. The expectation of vehicles in today’s market is they will last for a minimum of ten years. Our company will offer a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty with the option to extend this warranty based on the customer’s needs and budget concerns. With the amount of sensitive electronics and programming that is involved in a SAM it’s predictable that at least a few components will go bad. To help customers prevent unnecessary component failures, the vehicle will remind our customers when it is time for its preventative maintenance to be completed. Since the intention is to integrate the vehicle into the customer’s life, it could send a text or e-mail when the maintenance is supposed to take place. If preventative maintenance is done in a timely manner it will help reduce the amount of unnecessary component failures. This feature also allows customers to schedule and budget the vehicle maintenance expenses for the entire life of the automobile. Like our computers today, the vehicle will also have the ability to upload its operating parameters allowing our engineers to monitor the vehicles for any potential issues. From the customers perspective this all shows we

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