Marketing And Marketing Of Marketing Essay

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Marketing plays such a crucial role in our lives, whether we realise it or not. It can be argued that it is one of the most important functions within a brand, and perhaps even the core of an organisation, as it has direct impact on sales and it is essential when introducing a new product, where initial buzz is important. In this essay the role and impact of marketing will be discussed, in particular during the launch of small electronic goods. The smartphone market, for instance, saw a global increase of 23.8% in 2014 (Business Wire), despite being a mature market. Constant innovation and clever marketing campaigns are the drive behind their success, above all, the buzz and success of the iPhone 6 proves this point - there is the buzz, the information leaks and the arousal of public curiosity, which shows and sums up the power of marketing.
§2 - marketing defined
According to Webster (1992), the role of marketing has slowly evolved from being solely product focused to becoming more customer focused. That being said, marketing is best described as "identifying and meeting human and social needs" (Kotler and Keller, 2012, p.28) or the function to sell products to a pre-determined target group. Kotler et al. (2013) defines marketing as a tool that deals with people – customers – and it is all about "managing profitable customer relationships", with the main focus to satisfy the customers ' needs and create value (p. x). The aspect of adding more value for customers is the key…

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