Marketing And Marketing Mix Of Pretty Cosmetics Ltd

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Marketing Mix
For the section of promotion, the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) elements will be necessary. The sections allow researching on the best approaches that can be used to create awareness to the people on the existence of the company’s products in the market. The IMC elements refer to the criteria that an enterprise can use to attain its marketing campaign objectives by use of well-coordinated promotional methods with the intention of reinforcing each other. The best promotional campaign for the new brand should include personal selling. Personal selling would be good where the individuals doing the marketing will approach specific potential buyers with a sample of the product to do some testing (Vellani, 2012). The
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It includes posting the adverts in different sites on the web such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and top blogs. These sites have many users online ensuring that potential clients are captured (Vellani, 2012). In the end, the sales will increase boosting the revenue of Pretty Cosmetics Ltd.
The main products of the firm should also be advertised via the approach of email marketing. This is a customizable and personalized approach of promoting products that allow a firm to market its products why keeping in touch with consumers. It allows updating customers on the latest deals and offers (Blakeman, 2007). The element of email marketing allows a business to keep a good track of the client hence immediate feedback to any questions by the clients. As a promotional feature, it will help Pretty Cosmetics Ltd to market its product with little
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Relationship marketing is one of the strategies that can be used by the company in retaining both new and existing customers. The main aim of relationship marketing is to build customer loyalty to ensure lasting engagements, which means more sales and revenue for the company. There are many benefits associated to relationship marketing. For instance, it leads to increased publicity, repeated business with clients in the target markets. Also, customers are more willing to give feedback on the company’s products and services in general. There are various types of relationship marketing programs which the company can invest it. Thus, we will widely discuss two relationship marketing programs which the company can focus on to retain new customers in the target

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