Essay on Marketing And Development Of Tobacco

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Revenue from high-profit products such as tobacco scored a 4 for each strategy. Tobacco is a very lucrative industry, and PMI is one of the top earners in the world. The revenue from tobacco has proven to be very acceptable for each strategy as Marlboro has already begun to expand through innovation with e-cigarettes and HeatSticks. India is not primarily a cigarette smoking country; however, they use tobacco heavily in different forms such as bidis.

High rate of returns to investors was rated a 0. Any revenue will be an advantage to investors in the long run, but investors are the back end of the business leaving the marketing and development teams to decide where to expand or be innovative. Therefore, the alternatives scored as not relevant for each of the strategies.

Manufacturing and production operations were scored a 4 for the expansion of Marlboro through next generation technology and brand migration and a three for the expansion of sales in India. The reason for a 3 for India is that the country has production facilities already present making the factor probably acceptable, and PMI has facilities worldwide that could manufacture and produce next generation technology as well as brand migration.

Reliance on shrinking markets scored a 1 for expanding Marlboro through next generation as trying to expand a brand by relying on a shrinking market is difficult. The alternative for expansion into India was scored a 2 because India is a market that could still grow in…

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