Marketing And Advertising : The Food Industry Essay

1549 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
When it comes to the food industry and their brands, people know them mainly by their logos. These logos serve as a cover-up for the companies. Not many people are exposed to what is going on behind the scenes and what the real and true story is behind all of the food products that they consume. People have the right to know what exactly it is that they are consuming. Not only the quality of food questioned, but the injustice with the employees has become more and more prevalent. The corporations involved in the food industry have rules and regulations regarding the process of making their products and how they treat their employees, yet he rules tend to bend in some industries because of the power these corporations have and the willingness of regulators to fold under the weight of lobbyists. The food industry has a lot power over the thinking and decision making of society. Some people believe that the major corporations take advantage of how society views them and their products. These corporations use marketing and advertising as a way to lure consumers into buying their products, and in return the consumers believe in everything that a company says or does. Whether it is TV commercials or even a Facebook post, people believe that nothing can be wrong with the products that are being marketed. These are the consumers who tend to be oblivious to what some companies are doing to them. One of the problems in society is that every time a company comes out with the next…

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