Marketing Analysis Research For A Razor Club For Women Essay

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Marketing Analysis Research for a Razor Club for Women
The purpose of this report is to analyze starting a razor club for women since there are several already out there for men. Women have a larger circumference of body hair to remove than men do which supports the idea that they too would benefit from a razor program. This product would be called Her Smooth Secret: a shaving club for the ladies.
A razor club for women is something that has not been done before. Many razor companies out there focus on men and their needs, but in the culture of today women have a much larger area to shave than men do. All women desire smooth underarms, silky legs, and smooth skin in other regions. It is almost expected that a women is as hairless as possible. This is why I have chosen a razor club for women. Women deserve to have a great quality razor at a great price just like men get now.
There were a few companies out there to evaluate how this type of service is being handled. One of the first razor clubs to come on the market was The Dollar Shave Club (, n.d.). The company began to promote heavily on social media in order to run their hilarious commercial and begin to get the word out that people do not need to pay so much for razors. As The Dollar Shave Club became more popular amongst social media, more familiar brands that have been around for years jumped on this “club” concept. Gillette created a club as well promoting the quality of their blades in…

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