Marketing Analysis Of Tasty And Healthy: Nestle India Limited

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This report is going to look at all the aspect of the new product which is Tasty and Healthy “Nestle 2-Crush Rusk” with chocolate vanilla & salted caramel. A unique blend of chocolate and cereal bar under the ginormous company NESTLE India Limited.


Nestle S.A is a Swiss transnational food and beverage company which was founded by Henri Nestlé in 1866. It is one of the largest food company in the world measured by the revenues that Nestle generates. In 2014, it was ranked #72 on/by Fortune Global 500. Nestle began to climb success stairs in 1905 after merging with Anglo-Swiss Milk Company. Nestle incepted the business with India in 1912 with limited exports of finished good for selling in the Indian market. In 1961, Nestle builds
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They have the variety of products such as infant food, milk products, beverages, prepared dishes & cooking aids, and chocolates & confectionery. Their greatest share in Indian Market is of Confectionery brands such as Nescafe, Kit Kat, Aphino, Bar-one, and Munch. These brands execute a delicious taste in your mouth that will make you crave for more. The ultimate target has been set on the group of people between 10-50 for confectionary products. They have seven manufacturing facilities in different parts of India and more than 3.5 million outlets in the country. Envious hunger, Yummy Taste, and Quality cause people to pay willingly for these products no matter what. As well as people wanting to have some similar but different in taste product such as Nestle 2-crush Rusk. Today the brands have built the sinewy image in Indian market which is strenuous to knock out from the mind of Indian people. Nestle India is well established on both the variables; demographics variable and Psychographics …show more content…
They need new and unique products such as Nestle 2-Crush Ruck to stay one step ahead of the rivals. The market concentration of Nestle India is Oligopolistic. Although the competition is tough, but still Nestle India has kept the image tenacious. According to Business Maps of India, “Nestle was the second best-selling chocolate brand in India in 2014 with 17% share of the total sales volume. The products are healthy and full of nutritious and that is what makes them famous and popular. Nestle have built a strong bond with the consumer in term of trust and high-quality products and they never fail to provide quality services as well. Nestle India has potential to grow and in the

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