Human Resource Management Case Study: Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines
For many us, planning a trip is an arduous task of searching for the best flight times and prices. Once we book our ticket, our thoughts turn to baggage restrictions, fees, dealing with delays and cantankerous airline employees. Most airlines have truly taken the fun out of travel! There is an airline standing at the forefront, and showing travelers the “LUV”. Southwest Airlines believes that “Our Purpose is to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly and low-cost air travel” ("Purpose Fuels Our Passion, 2014"). Their target markets are both business and leisure customers, who are searching for convenient flight times and low cost ticket prices. Southwest Airlines provides frequent flights
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The company takes an active role in management development, and mentoring employees to grow within the company. This goes back to their Human Resource Management process, of fulfilling most job openings within the company. This leaves room for advancement of existing employees, and opens doors for more entry level positions to be filled outside the company. The airline provides “The Freedom to Learn and Grow”, which are training programs tailored to help employees learn more and grow at Southwest Airlines. These programs provide training opportunities for professional and personal growth, leadership advancement, and on-going job training. Employees are always encouraged to grow, and apply for other positions within the company ("Our Benefits, …show more content…
They want to continue to grow, prosper, and encourage their employees to come along for the ride. They build off of the brand they have established, and continue to make strides to become a better company. They take the selection process very seriously, as their employees make the company successful. Once the right employees are in place, they provide employees with the best training, career development opportunities, and compensation in the industry. These are the reasons that so many people stay with the company, and why so many people apply for positions. They are bringing the fun back into

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