Marketing Analysis Of British Airways: Marketing Strategies

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Register to read the introduction… These assumptions will derive from consumer segmentation research that will be carried out in different ways. These strategies will need to conclude the end result, which is the consumer’s needs, once this has been accomplished, the Airline businesses will need to group the type of people that are categorized by similar wants and desires from the Airline’s services. Dragoon (2005) comments on BA’s segmentation research. ‘British Airways (BA) realized that many of its customers who were senior business executives were driven primarily by a desire to get a deal done, resulting in a need to rest and save time.’ This finding can help both find a target market for any already created business class upgrades, (beds, no queuing, etc...) or to create a more specific premium flight service for this profitable market, if it doesn’t already …show more content…
‘One of the simpler management approaches to market segmentation is to treat different cultural and geographic regions or countries as different market segments.’ Bradley (1995, p.129-130). This is a different segmenting approach that the Airline industry may well include within their marketing strategies. The idea in the case of geodemographics is to concentrate of grouping consumers by their location, regardless of their consumer preferences. The reasoning behind, for example, British Airways using geodemographics, is that the typical business class customer may live in a large expensive house. Geodemographics will presume that by locating this consumers location, everyone that is situated around them, will also be interested in flying in business class. This can be due to the fact that large houses tend to be situated near/ next to other large houses, making the assumption that the neighbours tend to be financially well-off too and would prefer to travel with additional comfort and …show more content…
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