Marketing Analysis : Marketing Strategy Essay

807 Words Mar 26th, 2016 4 Pages
In the modern business scenario, marketing is considered key to the growth and profitability of any brand. Most of the big brands that we know of as highly successful have used their marketing strategies successfully to influence and attract their customers and it is their marketing and advertising which is chiefly behind their success. Apart from market penetration and positioning, there are many more things which come under marketing and are essential to make a brand successful. Ignoring or underestimating the power of marketing can prove really costly for a company. Marketing involves multiple things from choosing target market and segmenting customers into market segments as well as understanding their buying behavior and providing them with superior value. (Boundless, n.d.) In fact marketing decisions have to be chiefly guided by consumers. Marketing does not just serve as a link between the company and its customers but instead it offers key information for making many other important decisions related to product development and forming growth strategies also. We have plenty of examples in the industry where successful marketing strategies have resulted in growth and profits as per the expectations. In fact all big brands in the industry boast of a great marketing strategy also. It is because their success depends on the consumers’ perception of their brand and this is why most big companies devote a large part of their revenue to marketing and advertising.…

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