Marketing Analysis : Marketing Research Essay

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Marketing research, the process that links the product to the consumer through information, is used to outline marketing opportunities and problems while helping companies and professional sports teams understand the wants and needs of the customers. Understanding the wants and needs of the customers is necessary to effectively market sport and sports products. While marketing research helps define the wants of the customer, market segmentation involves taking a broad target market and breaking it up into smaller subsets based off of demographics, interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. For a sport marketer, knowing the wants of the customer as well as knowing the market segmentation which they are marketing to is key to be successful. Marketing research is important because if a professional sport team or product is not meeting the wants and needs of the customer, the team or product will no longer be successful. If sport marketers fail at their job and professional sports teams’ attendance plummets, that team will be forced to fold soon after. Sport marketing is a rapidly growing field of work as more teams and companies realize the importance of market research and analyzing the wants and needs of the customers are (Eden, et. al 2013). Sport marketing can be broken into two different segments, marketing through and marketing of sports. It is important that marketers know which of these they are marketing to in order to better focus their marketing plan to the customers they…

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