Marketing Analysis : Marketing Mix Essay

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Marketing is key to the success of any product produced by a company. Companies aren’t always honest with their customers though. Not every food company is out there to manipulate customers to buy their product. However the majority of the food industry is manipulating their customers to buy their products. There are numerous articles and advertisements that support these faulty claims. While marketing is needed for the company to survive, there are flaws and faulty claims in the food industry. Marketing is “an organizational function and set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers” (Kurtz 322). Marketing professionals follow a two-step process to develop a marketing strategy. They look for and research available target markets and they will pick from a pool to focus on. After that they will want to satisfy the chosen market by creating a marketing mix. (Kurtz 328) A marketing mix is “a blend of four strategies to fit the needs and preferences of a specific target market. Those strategies are product, distribution, promotion and pricing” (Kurtz 330). They are separated into separate markets, like
Harbuck 2 geographical, demographic, psychographic, and product-related areas. Their goal is to grab the consumer and keep them a loyal, buying customer for their product and the food industry is maleficent in how the market. The food industry is intelligent in how they market their product to grab and inform consumers about their product.…

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