Essay Marketing Analysis : Jb Hi Fi

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Nowadays, a business is generally delved into alternate methods for retailing. E-Business is becoming a common character in marketing. In this report, by using current market data to predict the future of the industry and adjust the methods of retailing properly.
 Business Background
JB Hi-Fi is a well-known Australian retailer of computers and software, also a supplier of recorded music and video games. It’s a huge company and takes a big role of Australia retailing industry including both physical and online stores. The physical store basically falls down into two curious categories: computer and software retailing and video games and recorded music retailing. But both of the industry performance have been declining over past five years in Australia, one by 2.6 percent, the other by 6.4 percent. (Ibis world, 2015). Following the better technology, online stores seems to be more suitable for customers. For the online stores of JB Hi-Fi, it divides into three important categories similar to the physical stores: online computer software sales, online CD, DVD and Blu-ray sales and online video game sales. Compare to the physical industry, the online seems to work opposite with an increase in the online computer software sales industry and the online video games industry. They both increased by more than 8 percent. However, CD, DVD and Blu-ray sales industry is decreasing by 4.6 percent. But this doesn’t mean our profit are all from the online industry, due to researches, none…

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