Marketing Analysis : Hotel Industry Essay

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A: Introduction:
The Article by John W. O’Neill and Anna S. Matilla introduces us with the value, concept, history, culture and its implication of Branding in Hotel Industry. Author’s Research work shows the result of Branding Concept and Multi-Branding choices on Hotel’s revenue and Customers contentment. The article examine/ explains hotel branding evolution and its future competence that these evolution can take place, in today’s demanding phase of customer and industry. Hotel owners/Planners must understand their planning concept to cast customer’s and industry needs. Branding in Hotel Industry is an innovation strategy.
B: Article Target/Interest: In the Article, Author has referred its research and belief to all independent Hotel chains, upcoming Hotel Developers for Hotel Branding as a Key-factor strategy to attract more defined customers. As well as, how much Brand value and stake holds for Hotel as a Brand for its management, Administration and all other staff. Article also helps hotel industry to target Leisure travelers/ Customers. C: 10 Assumptions made by the Author in the Article.
1. Branding as a Concept/ Strategy is an essential component for hotel’s profitability in past and in present day. (Dev et al. 2009); (O’Neill and Mattila, 2004)
Challenge: I agree with author’s viewpoint and do not challenge. It is correct and Logical (Dev et al. 2009); on Branding in Hotel Industry. In cutthroat aggressive hospitality industry, hotel companies needs to establish…

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