Marketing Analysis : Branding, Naming A New Born Baby Essay

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It is said that branding implies naming a new born baby. We should think this with regards to business, before any item is launched into a market, it is to be named or in the greater part a symbol or image is to be fixed, so that it is easily separated from the contender 's items. Brand simplifies customer 's purchase choices and makes them confident about their buys. “A brand is a name, symbol, design or mark that enhances the value of product beyond its functional purpose”. (Farquhar, 1989) Another perspective which is firmly identified with brand is building a brand loyalty for an item, this requires careful planning, particular abilities and investment. Making an item known in market and getting it registered in client 's mind is not an over night journey, it is a long process. It requires an investment for a brand to be popular among a positive group of clients and It has been found in a large portion of surveys, that a significant share of shopper items is consisted of cosmetic or beauty items, no single individual is denied of consuming such items.

Brand loyalty demonstrates preference to one brand, by a consumer over different brands. Brand loyalty is characterised as keeping desirable to a particular product or service (BNET Business Dictionary).
Client 's will connect with a specific brand closely, this lessens the risk of changing over to different brands. “The biased, behavioural response, expressed over time, by some decision making unit, with respect to one…

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