Marketing Analysis : Apple Company Essay

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1. Description of the Organization
Apple Company is a US-based multinational entity that deals with personal computers, computer software, electronic products for household use and online services. The company’s headquarter is in Cupertino, California State but produce products for the global market. In terms of revenue, Apple is the second largest company dealing with consumer electronic goods. Also, the company is popular in the smartphone industry thanks to its iPhone series that has managed to match with the ever changing trend in the industry. Apart from the iPhone smartphone series, Apple has ventured in other related enterprises that deal with the manufacture of products such as:
 Mac line computers
 iPod media Player
 iPhone smartphone
 iPad tablet computer
Additionally, the Apple has invested in online ventures where they provide products that include:
 iCloud
 iTunes stores
 Apple store
These products are mostly used by consumers in developed countries with the younger and educated generation accounting for the majority of the consumers. Additionally, the consumption of apple products has been influence by the economic status of consumers with middle and upper income households preferring the more expensive versions. The highest sales for most products have been registered during launching period of the products. This trend has been shaped by the high level of competition and the creativity and improvement of the smartphone products.
Apple operates in 14…

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