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Option B: Should marketers be responsible for the way their products are used by consumers? Discuss using the beer category as an example.

Corporate Social Responsibility should be the first priority of marketers when promoting goods that can and may become harmful to their consumers. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines CSR as “the continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at large.", or simply “the ethical behavior of a company toward society.” (Meeting Changing Expectations ( Marketing is essentially getting the products out there visible to
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Amy is a stay at home mom and Bill works a 45 hour a week job. Their days are so crazy with soccer and piano lessons, household chores and trying to make some family time that these lovebirds find very little time to relax. Then the weekend comes and they are in gear, ready to host their weekly get-togethers for their friends. Bill gets the grill going and Amy knows how to get everyone relaxed with lots of cool and refreshing drinks. Mikes Hard Lemonade does the trick. It is tasteless of alcohol for the women and has the right amount of kick for the men.
MHL’s marketing strategies are not reaching their targeting market, specifically the men. Instead, they have an unintended target: the under aged youths from 13 to 21. Drinks such as MHL are called “Alcopops”. They have become very attractive and popular within this age bracket as a starter drinks for the following reasons:

• No trace of alcohol taste: Because of the unique taste of MHL, younger people are finding it easier to drink this product. They equate it with the feeling of drinking a fruit juice. It has no alcoholic taste so they find it appealing. This is supported by Mr. Michael J. Scippa, Public Affairs director of Alcohol Justice, an industry watchdog group: “The sweet taste and every imaginable flavor are out there to mask the flavor of alcohol and appeal to younger taste buds.” (Andrew Adam Newman, New York Times May 22, 2013)

• Low Price: The average

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