Market Segmentation Paper

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Consumer Behavior
Segmentation paper

When attempting to segment the market for aftermarket truck accessories in the trucking industry we used a combination of lifestyle based segmentation and psychographic based segmentation techniques that we learned in class. Our segments were based on the results of our needs assessment paper which linked the attributes we identified to the benefits and the values. We came up with a rough estimation of the size of each segment by using the information we collected in our sample to infer what the actual size of the population maybe. We are aware that are sample is most likely biased and not a fair distribution of the segments.

Strictly Business Segment: Estimated size is 20%

These are
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Quality proved to be one of the most important attributes of Protech products because it leads to multiple connections with benefits, all of which lead to essential values. It was also linked to being exceptionally attractive. This is primarily because Protech uses high-grade metals to produce their products, which makes them shining and they tend to catch your eye. One interviewee said that trucks with Protech parts looked sharper than other trucks. Lastly, quality was also defined as a necessity because of the ruff demands the products would typically have to endure. In general, it has become common knowledge in the trucking industry that Protech products are expensive and high quality which again connects it to being a symbol of status and success.

Status and success further associated Protech products to the value of achievement. This connection stemmed from high-end Protech products conveying prosperity of the truck owner which ultimately connected to their life accomplishments. Having expensive, high priced accessories suggests a job well done, success in your business and the financial ability to purchase top of the line products. This further demonstrates Protech’s relationship to being a status symbol. Additionally having a product that is a status symbol can be a critical value because of the social recognition associated with it. According to our interviews, Protech’s products ‘look good’ and looking good is a

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