Market Segmentation : Marketing Strategy Essay

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Market Segmentation
Market segmentation, it is a marketing strategy that dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who have common needs and priorities, characteristics or purchase behaviours. Market segmentation strategies are to identify the target customer, providing the supporting and relevant data in order to position the marketing plan. Importantly, business may require different and separate products or marketing strategies and approach which depending on the specific demand and attribute of the target segment. According to the Dettol Case Study, Dettol brand continued to deliver excellent growth in developing markets, such as China, India, Japan and South Korea region. Through case, we find out the markets are difference in product selections from customers’ needs and wants in difference regions.
At the first stage, the market segmentation contains four elements? Who can tell me what are they?
1. Demographic
Demographic segmentation is dividing markets into different groups according to their age, gender, the amount of income, the ethnicity or religion of the market and the family life cycle. In the Dettol perspective, the advertisements are presented led to target at affluent middle class consumers in urbanized areas. The base of advert is shown that Dettol has respected produce in considering the group people who can understand, suitable can purchase the is also a measurement about how should business target the market effective with the…

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