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Unit 3: Marketing travel and tourism

Task 3 (AO3)


Overview: Market segmentation can be done in various ways. Most companies choose to use not just one but a combination of methods:

1.Demographic segmentation
Demographics is the study of the make-up of the population. Demographic trends illustrate how the population is changing. Factors that affect the make-up of the population include the birth rate and life expectancy. When demographic segmentation is used, consumers are grouped according to: Age Gender Ethnic grouping

2.Socio-economic segmentation
In this method of segmentation the population is divided according to socio-economic grouping. These groupings are based on occupation, not
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The classification is arrived at using information taken from the census and from market research data. T&T companies can easily find out the geographic location of their customers as they usually have access to addresses on their databases. The geographic area from which customers are drawn is known as a “catchment area”. The catchment area is very important for tourist attractions such as Alton Towers as they need to draw customers from as wide an area as possible.
4.Psychographic segmentation
With this type of segmentation, consumers are categorised according to personality types, lifestyle and motivation. When it is done well, it is very effective in determining targets but it is difficult to do accurately. It is very relevant to travel and tourism. For Alton Towers you can consider thrill seekers and families (think about the whole range of family types).

TITLE – Identify and describe the market segments targeted by Alton Towers:

Follow these assignment guidelines:


Use T&T text books or the information at the top of this task sheet to write a brief overview explaining market segmentation.

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There are a number of documents in the Unit 3 Resources folder that contain relevant information to enable you to complete this assignment e.g:

• AT Student Information pack pp8-9 • PPT Marketing PPT at AT • PPT AT Resort • PDF Marketing in Leisure and Tourism

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