Market Segmentation And The Marketing Break Up A Broad Market Of Current And Probable Customers Into Subsets Of Customers

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Market segmentation helps the business break up a broad market of current and probable customers into subsets of customers that may have similar requirements and enable to identify their characteristics. Segmenting a market will not only help BWB promote its business to the target market quicker but will also help to create a market plan appropriate for the targeted market. Since BWB is segmenting market geographically as well as demographically, it will have to plan the way it will be marketing its blinds in way which is well suited for both target markets.

• Branding is one of the most important characteristic for any sort of business. It creates a distinctive image of the business or product in the consumer’s mind and gives businesses a competitive edge over other businesses. People are usually persistent in trusting and putting their personal and financial information on new websites, branding will enable consumers to feel they already know and can trust the company. In BWB’s case, it already has a brand name which is an advantage, if the customers were satisfied with it products they are more likely to trust mostly everything it does. Having gained their trust offline, BWB simply needs to project its brand values online.

A domain name helps consumers locate businesses on the Internet easily. I would suggest BWB’s URL to be…

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