Market Research And A Business Plan Essay

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When it comes to your business, it’s all well and good to have a business name, market research and a business plan, but, what your business needs is some funding to get it going. Where are you going to get this funding? Business funding can come from an array of sources such as:
Friends and Family
Business Loan
Which one of these options is best for you? Read on to learn more about each one and how they can help you get your business doors open and stay afloat.
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2.Yourself, Family and Friends
Related Articles articles8 The majority of entrepreneurs know that getting cash from the people they know is easier and quicker than trying to get it from an investor. Also, many investors demand that you have some kind of family/friend investment before they’ll even bother lending you any money.
The reason is that investors invest money in people before they invest in any product or ideas. Since they have no idea who you are, they check out your integrity as a person. Do your family and friends believe in you enough to loan you money? If they don’t, why should a stranger invest in you?
9 Tips To Get Your Family and Friends Financially On Board In Your Business
A professional investor is going to want a high sophistication level out of you; something friends and family won’t expect so much. However, there are nine things to think about before you talk with your family and friends about them loaning you money for your business.
1.Ask Them Carefully and…

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