Market Orientation And Customer Orientation

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With the market globalization continuously ,competition is fierce increasingly ,more and more enterprises realize and try to find suitable business orientations ,in order to seek greater profit space. Enterprises speed up the efficiency of production ,pay attention to the product feature , intensify efforts in promotion , understand market demand , safeguard consumer value ,mutual compete ,to gain greater market share . Customer orientation is one of the business-oriented what is the enterprises used .(Narver and Slater,1990,P20).Enterprises for the purpose of meet customers demand on the whole ,also will work well on marketing mix .

Customer orientation is defined as a trust which is if a company want to be successful, they need to know
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It is defined as a belief which is enterprises success need a deep understanding of market relations . Market orientation and customer orientation have similar aspects . They are all emphasis on customer needs and try to satisfy.But, Market orientation care about the demand of the most customer focuses on overall market circumstances.Such as making wheelchairs attract elderly,make toys attract children .And market orientation considers customer need important than product’s basic core benefits . However, customer orientation focuses on customer’s personal .Note individuals ' ability , preference, behavior.More like one to one . Customer orientation also more attention customer value .(Lyus et al.2011, Cited in Blythe ,2014, …show more content…
Companies realize everyone have a different preference ,then they add more features wholeheartedly on the product .However,It is lead to a sharp rise in price,and customer not willing to buy it at all time .Customer orientation minds customer value and tries to create vale for customers. But product orientation because of functions of the product ,often ignored customer benefit .(Blythe ,2014, P8)

Sales orientation is defined as a thought that customers buy things only after being persuaded ,having active salespeople is an important element of business success .Different with customer orientation , sales orientation more willing to focus on salespeople instead of customers . Customers may do not want pay for that , but salespeople will convince him . Besides,the item may not worth the money.(Blythe ,2014, P8).

Competitor orientation is defined as a thought that know what are competitors doing and provide to customers can help companies successful .Same as customer orientation , competitor orientation proposition that provide same even better value for the customer . Nevertheless ,competitor orientation does this to compete with a competitor instead of creating value for customers . Competitor orientation focus on a competitor ,watching him every move .Customer orientation focuses on the customer.(Davies and Elliott,2006,cited in Blythe ,2014,

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